segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009

Roman & Sharon

Roman had been hurt in his first marriage and had shied away from commitment until he met Sharon. He described her as an "angel", the "perfect woman".

Roman: "She is too nice. She doesn't believe in her beauty. Once when I was very poor in Poland, I had got some beautiful shoes, and I immediately became ashamed of them. All my friends had plain, ordinary shoes, and I was embarrassed to walk in front of them. That's how Sharon feels about her beauty. She's as embarrassed by it."

Roman and Tate were proclaimed by the movie magazines to be the "Groovy Couple of the year".

Sharon was now married to one of the most acclaimed directors of the era she did not take advantage of her position. When asked if she would like to do another movie for Roman, Sharon answered: "I'd be thrilled to death to do another Polanski film. But he has to ask me first. I wouldn't ever dream of asking him for a part."

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