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Sharon's pregnancy

In late 1968 Sharon learned she was pregnant. She was thrilled by the news. She and Roman began to look for a larger home to live with the baby. They found 10050 Cielo Drive. A beautiful ranch style home with a pool and guesthouse. The previous tenants had been Terry Melcher, son of Doris Day and Candice Bergen. The Polanskis moved in, in February 1969. Sharon called the home her "love house".

Roman was concerned that Sharon would be filming a movie during the latter half of her pregnancy. He told her to tell the director and drop out of the film. Sharon, ever the trooper would not hear of it. She reassured Roman everything would be all right, that filming would be over by the time she was too pregnant to continue. Both Roman and Sharon flew to London in March of 1969. After a week Sharon continued on to Italy to begin filming.

Filming ended and Sharon once again joined Roman in London. Roman was doing preparation work on Day of the Dolphin. In London, Sharon did a series of photos with Terry O'Neil. She wore a short flowing yellow dress and posed on the stairwell of her London home cradling her belly, lying on the floor surrounded by baby clothes, opening baby shower gifts, in her rolls royce holding up baby clothes while smiling and laughing. She was the picture of contentment and happiness and Roman said she never looked more beautiful.

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